A Day in the Life of an IUT student in 2061

Ohayô mina ! (Bonjour -le matin- tout le monde, en japonais)

Voici aujourd'hui un texte écrit pour un devoir d'anglais, le sujet étant « un jour dans la vie d'un étudiant de l'IUT en 2061 ».
Mon anglais n'est pas extraordinaire, mais la professeur avait l'air enchantée de mon travail (« Superb work Cindy. This was wonderful to read »), de ce que j'ai pu lire comme appréciation sur ma copie. :)
Je vous laisse donc découvrir ma petite réflexion sur le monde en 2061, sans excuses sur mon anglais car cette version a été corrigée par ma professeur. :p

Petite parenthèse, pour mon examen théorique de communication, j'avais écrit de petits textes assez sympa qui m'avaient valu une bonne note, mais douée comme je suis, je n'avais pas fait de brouillon et l'établissement a refusé de me faire une photocopie… J'ai donc perdu des textes que j'aurais pu exploité, je suis pas mal dégoûtée de ça… :nyuu: Mais bon, ça m'apprendra à être plus vigilante la prochaine fois !

Je vous souhaite une bonne lecture !

Monday morning. Eight o'clock. I come down from the electric bus and go to the IUT. I stop my music and I listen to the silence which surrounds me. The bus glides a few centimetres away from the ground without a noise. People walk without speaking, most of them certainly listen to music. School buildings are old, thus there are no escalators.

We begin with two hours of td machine. Everybody is sleeping, the mini robot humanoids undertake to record the course for us. At the end of these two hours, all the students of my promotion go to the amphitheatre for one hour of a course about programming. The teacher is absent, but however we have it with his hologram. Some students enjoy dematerializing the image of the teacher with laser lights. During the last hour, we have a course about economy. Our mini robots are so useful ! We can play games during the class and after, we can listen to the course at home.

Midday. The courses are finished today. I take the bus to go to my apartment in the centre of the city. My mother often says the world has changed, before there were many noises in a city, even in the countryside. Now, only the silence reigns. All our life is electrified. Cars and buses move by the magnetism and the electricity. But people are more and more distant and locked into their world and their solitude. Even animals are silent. I think it is so gloomy… I just would like to hear birds and another animals, we have limited pollution but however nature is dying.

Half past one p.m.. I have two hours of ballet, like everyday. I walk in the street with my music in my ears, to overwhelm this emptiness. There are more and more robot humanoids. It is so strange, how we can prefer to live with a robot than a human ? They look like us a lot but they have no feelings.

I arrive in front of the studio. I love this sport ! For me, it is the only moment when life gets free. The music bursts and we dance until exhaustion of our body. Sport is one of last one things still alive in this world. Once the course is finished, I return home quietly and serenely, even the heavy silence of the city does not hinder me any more.

Half past four p.m.. It is time to work for the courses of tomorrow ! Three or four hours, that depends on the work wanted and on my motivation. Then, I play a little on the computer and I watch TV before going to sleep. Tomorrow is a new day, maybe birds will break the silence by singing…

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